COVID-19 Update: Security and Male Custody

With such an unprecedented crisis occurring across the world as COVID-19 spreads, it is important for QCS employees to remember that corrective services officers are classified as essential workers.

A/Assistant Commissioner Security and Male Custody Mike MacFarlane said that corrective services workers provide an essential service in keeping the community safe, now more important than ever in these changing times.

“I want to thank all our employees for their dedication during this one in a hundred year event that we are facing, “Assistant Commissioner MacFarlane said.

“Every day, our team go to work to protect the public and now, in a time of great need across the country, their work is as important as ever.”

“This situation is changing daily, outside and inside our correctional centres. I want all our staff to make sure that they are taking every step to keep themselves and their families safe.”

It is vitally important for everyone to practice hand hygiene by washing their hands for 20 seconds at a time, practicing social distancing where practical and not coming to work if they are sick.

To stay up to date with QCS’ latest COVID-19 information, visit the State Corrections Operations Centre microsite or join the QCS officers only Facebook group.

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