Lgcc First Year Mentor Program

Grad mentoring to boost development and safety

  • Trial underway at Lotus Glen and Capricornia correctional centres
  • Extra support provided to new custodial officers during initial placement
  • Mentoring develops recruits and enhances workplace safety

New graduates at Lotus Glen Correctional Centre and Capricornia Correctional Centre are taking part in a mentoring program to support their development as Custodial Correctional Officers.

The First Year Mentoring Program gives new officers greater support, training, and oversight during their initial operational placement.

It aims to minimise early exposure to higher risk environments during the first few months in role and enhance workplace safety and security.

The mentoring program, developed by the Queensland Corrective Services (QCS) Academy, is being trialled at Lotus Glen and Capricornia correctional centres. Feedback from both trials will guide a broader rollout across remaining correctional centres in Queensland.

Quotes attributable to Chief Superintendent Alan Butler, General Manager, Capability and Development, QCS Academy:

“The First Year Mentoring Program is a great initiative that pairs new recruits with experienced custodial officers to build confidence and consolidate their 10-weeks of training.

“It will lead to better safety outcomes and support for our officers as they undertake a vitally important and challenging public service.

“Custodial Correctional Officers make public safety the priority every day, striving to ensure prisoners and offenders are less likely to return to crime.

“Every interaction they have is an opportunity to address offending behaviour and improve the vocational and life skills of prisoners, assisting in their rehabilitation and reintegration back into the community.”

Quotes attributable to Chief Superintendent Gabrielle Payne ACM, General Manager, Lotus Glen Correctional Centre, QCS:

“From day one of operational duty, new custodial officers will be rostered with an experienced mentor to provide hands-on guidance and support as they transition into their roles.

“Mentors will serve as positive role models and help new graduates develop in line with the key principles of the Corrections 2030 strategy – safety, respect, excellence, empowerment, and accountability.

“Mentoring will raise the skills and quality of all frontline officers as part of our forward thinking, professional and innovative top-tier public safety agency.”

Quotes attributable Chief Superintendent Richard Butcher, General Manager, Capricornia Correctional Centre, QCS:

“I am thrilled Capricornia Correctional Centre was chosen as one of two correctional centres to trial the First Year Mentoring Program.

“At our correctional centre, we want to create a culture where our officers look forward to coming to work and when they are at work, they feel valued and safe and when they go home in the evening, they feel proud of their achievements.

“So, the First Year Mentoring Program fits in well with that positive culture we want to create.

“I want to congratulate our more experienced officers for putting their hand up to offer guidance and support to the new recruits, so they feel settled and comfortable in their new roles during those first few weeks.”


Further information:

  • For more information about Queensland Corrective Services and to find out how to join the top-tier public safety agency head to: Careers | Queensland Corrective Services (corrections.qld.gov.au).
  • The total remuneration package for a QCS Custodial Correctional Officer ranges from $81,645 to $117,152 which includes base salary plus allowances and employer superannuation contributions.
  • Eligible candidates who relocate from interstate or South East Queensland to Capricornia, Townsville or Lotus Glen Correctional Centres may also be eligible for a relocation assistance package up to the value of $7,000.