COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic: Information for families of Prisoners in Queensland

COVID-19 restrictions eased to Stage 1 statewide

28 September 2020

Due to the remarkable effort to contain the COVID-19 cases at the Queensland Corrective Services Academy and the Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre, we are able relax the restrictions at all of our centres and offices.

Queensland Health has advised that we are able to recommence personal visits as of September 28 at to ALL correctional in Queensland.

This is fantastic news which means that official, cultural and legal visits can recommence at all correctional centres, work camps can recommence and community corrections offices can continue to operate under their COVID-safe plan.

The current health advice is that where social distancing is not possible, a mask should be worn at all our facilities.  We must also continue to pay close attention to regular cleaning of frequently touched surfaces as well as maintaining regular hand washing or sanitising, good cough and sneeze etiquette and adhere to workplace COVID-safe plans.

We must remain ever vigilant and agile in our approach while we are dealing with this virus and will continue to act on the expert advice provided to us by Queensland Health. A cautious approach as well as stringent planning and execution has served us well and  has kept COVID-19 out of our centre

Recruit training has recommenced at the Queensland Corrective Services Academy.

Podcast: Deputy Commissioner McCahon with information for families about Stage 4 restrictions

29 August 2020

Posted by Queensland Corrective Services on Friday, 28 August 2020


We now have thermal imaging in all our prisons:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are virtual personal visits?

A: Virtual personal visits (VPV) are now available at Queensland prisons to protect the health of prisoners, visitors and officers.

Our teams are working hard to roll out the program across Queensland to keep prisoners in contact with family and friends during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Virtual visits are much like normal visits. You must be an approved personal visitor, provide identification, and book a time through the correctional centre.

Thank you to the friends and family who have helped to keep our prisons safe from COVID-19 since the cancellation of physical visits.

As this is a new program, there may be a delay in booking availability due to the demand for visits. We’re working to make sure everyone can virtually visit their loved ones as soon as possible.

For more information and to book, contact your correctional centre.

User guides:

User Guide – Virtual personal visits – Windows 10

User Guide – Virtual personal visits – MacOS

User Guide – Virtual personal visits – Android

Q: What measures are in place to stop officers, essential staff and professional visitors from bringing COVID-19 into prisons?

A: We are temperature and health checking every person who enters a Queensland prison. This also includes those working at our centres such as correctional officers and health staff. All officers and essential staff have a role to play by observing social distancing when off shift, and not coming to work if they are unwell. 

Q: How can I email a prisoner?

A: QCS has a new service to allow you to send messages to prisoners in Queensland correctional centres. Watch the video to find out how.[/vc_column_text]

Q: How can I transfer money to a prisoner’s trust account?

A: QCS has a new service to allow you to send money to a prisoner’s account. Watch the video to find out how.




Last updated: 28 September 2020
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