Officer assaulted at Wolston Correctional Centre

Queensland Corrective Services (QCS) can confirm a Custodial Correctional Officer was assaulted by a prisoner at Wolston Correctional Centre this morning during an incident where force was required to be used.

Officers were preparing a prisoner to transition to the Detention Unit when he struck an officer in the face
Other officers have used force to restrain the prisoner and he was taken to the Detention Unit without further incident.

The officer was assessed at the medical centre and received treatment for a minor eye injury.

Two other officers revived minor injuries as a result of restraining the prisoner.

The matter will be referred to the CSIU.

Prisoners who assault officers may face additional criminal charges and further prison time. They are also subject to internal disciplinary processes, including loss of privileges.

Unfortunately from time to time our officers are required to put themselves in harm’s way to ensure the safety and security of the community. We are thankful for their commitment, and for the important role they play in making Queensland safer for all of us.

Every day our officers interact with the most challenging and complex people in our society.
Officer safety is Queensland Corrective Services’ absolute priority. Every officer deserves to go home safely at the end of shift.

We take our responsibility as an employer to support our officers through appropriate training and provision of equipment, technology, and policy support very seriously, but recognise that we cannot remove all risk from the workplace due to the dynamic nature of correctional environments.

People who have been removed from society for violent or anti-social behaviour sometimes display that same behaviour in a prison environment, despite the best efforts of our officers to de-escalate situations.

When an officer is injured on duty, QCS is committed to supporting the officer and their family while they recover.

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