QCS – Organisational Chart

  • Commissioner
    Paul Stewart APM
    • Organisational Capability
      A/Deputy Commissioner Adam Black
      • Asset Services Command
        A/Assistant Commissioner Timothy Thompson
      • People Capability Command
        Assistant Commissioner Erica Gallagher
      • Professional Standards and Governance Command
        A/Assistant Commissioner Peter Stacey
      • Strategic Futures Command
        A/Assistant Commissioner Tom Humphreys
      • Digital Services and Information Technology
        Assistant Commissioner Michael Nikolic
      • Financial Services and Strategic Sourcing Command
        A/Assistant Commissioner Patsy Purtill
      • Policy and Legal Command
        A/Assistant Commissioner Yi Chen
      • First Nations and Cultural Capability
        Chief Superintendent Wendy Ah Chin
    • Community Corrections & Specialist Operations
      Deputy Commissioner Ursula Roeder
      • Community Corrections
        Assistant Commissioner Samantha Newman
      • Specialist Operations
        Assistant Commissioner Sarah Hyde
    • Custodial Operations
      Deputy Commissioner Gary McCahon
      • Southern Region Command
        Assistant Commissioner Joel Smith
      • Central & Northern Region Command
        Assistant Commissioner Eloise Hamlett
    • Transformation Office
      A/Chief Superintendent Jo Dansey
    • Chief of Staff, Office of the Commissioner
      Superintendent Steve Scougall