QCS launches correctional hepatitis C videos state-wide

Queensland Corrective Services, in partnership with Hepatitis Queensland, has rolled out three educational videos to all correctional centres across the State in a bid to curb the spread of hepatitis C.

The three videos produced by Hepatitis Queensland focus on risk factors, testing and treatment.

Queensland Corrective Services Commissioner Peter Martin said the release of the videos is timely with Saturday 28 July 2018 marking World Hepatitis Day.

“Hepatitis C is more common among prisoners than in the general community. If we can reduce the prevalence of hep C in the prison population, it has a positive effect on rates in the community,” Commissioner Martin said.

“The three videos are specific to the corrections environment. They explain how hep C is contacted, why it is worth getting tested, and how easy and effective treatment now is for the disease.

“The information in the videos is also relevant for our custodial officers as they manage prisoners every day and need to be aware of how hepatitis C can be transferred.”

Lotus Glen Correctional Centre became the first prison in Australia to become free of hepatitis C last year following the introduction of new medication.

The Lotus Glen Health Service team received a highly commended award in 2017 Queensland Health Awards for Excellence for the achievement.

Commissioner Martin said the aim was to have all correctional centres free of hepatitis C.

“There are huge benefits for the community as a whole in eradicating hep C from the prison environment,” he said.

The three hepatitis C videos are below: