Queensland Corrective Services welcomes new graduates

Queensland Corrective Services Commissioner Peter Martin welcomed 24 new custodial officers who graduated from the Queensland Corrective Services Academy yesterday.

Commissioner Martin said the new officers would continue in their colleagues’ footsteps on the front line of public safety in Queensland, managing some of the most challenging and complex individuals in society.

Commissioner Peter Martin inspecting the new graduates.

“The new officers have undertaken many hours of training across several key areas, including behaviour management and conflict resolution, during their completion of the Custodial Officer Entry Program,” Commissioner Martin said.

“As a result of completing their training, they will now do their part to protect the safety of Queenslanders by improving prisoners’ vocational and life skills to assist in their rehabilitation and reintegration back into society.

“I congratulate and welcome the new officers to Queensland Corrective Services, a top-tier public safety agency.”

The 24 new officers will be spread across several locations to maintain custodial officer numbers are in line with prison populations, including:

  • 14 to the Escort and Security Branch;
  • eight to Borallon Training and Correctional Centre;
  • one to Brisbane Correctional Centre; and
  • one to Wolston Correctional Centre.

The new Queensland Corrective Services graduates.

“Through the humane containment and rehabilitation of prisoners, our officers keep our great State safe, he said.

“I admire our staff, who rightfully take great pride in the challenging and complex work that they do every day, and I thank them all for their commitment to keeping our community safe.”