SEQ visits suspended until Friday

As you are aware, the extreme weather event earlier in the week has caused significant disruption in South East Queensland, with road closures, infrastructure damage and about 20,000 houses flooded and many more without power.

We are still experiencing localised flooding, damage and minor road closures which is impacting access to our centres which are still operating with reduced staffing levels and modified routines.

The Bureau of Meteorology is warning of extreme storms and  hail developing in the SEQ in coming days which may result in delaying recovery work.  We may experience further flash flooding across the region and you are encouraged to stay off the roads until this risk has passed.

The decision to extend the suspension of visits to our centres until Friday will allow time for the roads to be cleared and for the recovery effort to get under way.

We will continue a watching brief on the weather conditions throughout the course of this event and the impact on the roads as we may need to reconsider the suspension of visits should circumstances change.

We appreciate this is incredibly disappointing for families and prisoners, and we apologise, however safety is our absolute priority, and a change in the prevailing weather conditions are beyond our control.

We appreciate that you have been very patient with the extended suspension of visits to date, and we are very hopeful that Friday will see the return of personal and virtual visit.