Visits cancelled – SEQ prisons


As you’re aware, the significant rain event in South East Queensland has led to widespread road closures across South East Queensland.

While none of our prisons are impacted directly, a number have been cut off over the weekend, and many of our officers have been unable to get to work.

Additionally, advice from the Bureau of Meteorology and Queensland Police is that people should stay off the road during this dangerous weather event. It is expected that flooding will peak in SEQ tomorrow.

As a result, we’ve had to make the difficult decision to delay the reinstatement of  professional and personal visits to SEQ prisons from Maryborough south, including Woodford, Arthur Gorrie, Brisbane, Brisbane Women’s, Wolston, Southern Queensland, Borallon, Palen Creek, Numinbah and Helena Jones correctional centres.

Due to the impact of flooding on our officers, we have had to cancel virtual personal visits as well.

At this stage, we have suspended visits until Wednesday. We will review that regularly in coming days, and provide you with updates as they become available.

Please be assured that all prisoners are safe and secure.

We apologise for having to cancel visits, but the circumstances are out of our control.

Please take care on the roads, and remember – if it’s flooded forget it!