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Once fully operational, the new men's correctional centre near Gatton in the Lockyer Valley will be a 1536 bed, high security men’s prison. Design and construction of this modern, purpose-built centre focuses on rehabilitation to reduce reoffending. The operating model of the centre represents a new direction with many services being onsite, including mental health, alcohol and drug rehabilitation services.

A purpose-built centre designed for rehabilitation

Contemporary research has identified a strong correlation between engagement in rehabilitation focused activities and better behaviour inside prison, which supports increased likelihood of reduced offending behaviour upon release.

Studies have shown that prisoners who participate in criminogenic and desistance programs, education options and reintegration services while in prison are less likely to reoffend after release, compared to those who don’t. Rehabilitation focused services and programs provide prisoners with the skills, knowledge and resources required to lead successful, crime-free lives after release.

The design of the building will support a therapeutic environment, allowing more time for staff to focus on prisoner care and development.

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No bars on windows

Windows are 22mm thick laminated security glass in cells and prisoner day rooms to increase natural light. Research has shown this improves behaviour and safety outcomes.

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Green space and family-friendly areas

More green space and open areas for staff and prisoners. There will also be more family-friendly visiting areas.

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Use of technology

New technology to support and assist staff in their duties. New technology for prisoners to book approved visits and meet with legal counsel.

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Primary health care and telehealth services

X-Ray, dental and telehealth services will be available onsite. There will also be an acute health unit for mental health assistance and drug treatment.

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Normalised environment

The centre is sectioned into areas including a town centre for everyday self-managed prisoner activities.

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Functional spaces

Dedicated program rooms, interview rooms and video conferencing will be available for both staff and prisoners.