We’re proud to be an employer of choice for more than 7,000 Queenslanders protecting communities across the state.

  • Join more than 7,000 Queenslanders proudly working to keep our communities safe.
  • We have a variety of career options at QCS for people who want to help others and make a difference.
  • Jobs are available throughout the state, at 11 high and low security correctional centres, 13 work camps, 36 district offices and more than 150 reporting locations.
  • We work hard, support our colleagues, and enjoy an enviable work-life balance.

Have you got what it takes – meet some of our officers

Custodial Correctional Officer

Custodial Officers act as role models to prisoners and encourage them to amend their behaviours to rehabilitate, reintegrate and lead a successful life free of crime. It is a rewarding role that contributes to the safe and secure operation of correctional facilities. Officers come from a variety of different backgrounds and are valued for their life experience, empathy and communication skills. With comprehensive paid training and ongoing professional development, you will enjoy competitive remuneration, excellent job security, an enviable work-life balance and a supportive work environment that fosters teamwork and personal fulfilment.

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Community Corrections Case Manager

Case Managers play a crucial role in the rehabilitation and successful reintegration of offenders who require supervision within the community by order of a court or Parole Board Queensland. Working collaboratively with stakeholders, Case Managers expertly tailor their supervision to the needs of each offender. Through comprehensive assessments, personalised case plans, and ongoing support, you will help individuals address their offending, develop essential life skills, and access necessary resources for a fresh start.

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As a Correctional Psychologist you will have access to state-of-the-art facilities and evidence-based interventions to make a lasting impact on the lives of those in need. Working within a multidisciplinary team, psychologists conduct assessments, case management and interventions to ensure the mental well-being and safety of prisoners, promote rehabilitation and personal growth and be a positive influence on behaviour change.

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Cultural Liaison Officer

Cultural Liaison Officers have the unique opportunity to act as an agent of change to address cultural issues related to offending behaviour and encourage rehabilitation, making our communities safe by reducing reoffending. Providing culturally sensitive support, advocacy, and guidance, you will help facilitate effective communication, understanding, and respect among staff, prisoners, and their families. Your connection to community will play an important role in reconciliation through an understanding of cultural issues that continue to impact First Nations people today. You will have the chance to participate in cultural events and provide valuable input on policy and program development.

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Escort and Security Branch

Escort and Security Branch officers are responsible for safely and securely transporting offenders to court and medical appointments, with skills transferable from various law enforcement and security professions. Trained in security protocols, risk management and crisis response, you will also work closely with and assist members of the police, judiciary, court staff and health professions within the Magistrates, Supreme and District Courts, and secure hospital units. ESB offers new opportunities, experiences and challenges every day, within a supportive, professional team.

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Probation Services Officer

Probation Service Officers supervise and support offenders transitioning from correctional facilities to the community, including those completing community service. Focusing on rehabilitation and reintegration, you will help offenders gain confidence, self-pride and a sense of accomplishment, setting them up to gain employment and make positive life choices. By fostering positive relationships, promoting accountability, and assisting personal growth, you will contribute to reducing reoffending rates and creating safer communities.

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Dog Squad

The QCS Dog Squad is arguably the most extensive in Australia. Dog Squad officers work with highly trained and skilled dogs to detect contraband and maintain a safe and secure environment within correctional facilities. You will receive extensive training in handling, search and detection techniques and operational tactics and become part of the Delta Unit, pivotal to keeping Queensland communities safe.

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Trade Instructor

As a Trade Instructor, you will share your expertise and make a positive impact by teaching and mentoring offenders within correctional facilities, equipping them with valuable job skills that can lead to employment and productive lives, free of crime. Trade Instructors complete custodial officer training and are based in state-of-the-art Prison Industries workshops to role model positive behaviours and train prisoners on machinery and other equipment to develop self-worth and vocational skills.

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Tactical Response Officer

This elite unit is responsible for maintaining the highest level of security and responding to critical incidents within correctional facilities. Tactical Response Officers are trained in de-escalating and resolving difficult situations and often come from previous careers in policing, armed forces and other similar industries. With a strong focus on teamwork, precision, and quick decision-making, you will be at the forefront of maintaining order and security.

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