Custodial operations practice directives

We maintain safe and secure facilities for more than 7000 prisoners, staff and visitors in a complex and challenging environment. This environment often requires staff to respond to both critical and non-critical situations quickly, confidently and professionally.

It is important that we respond to operational matters according to set of procedures which follow both the law and agency requirements. This is to ensure the safety and security of our staff and facilities.

The custodial operations practice directives provide a consistent framework to direct staff when undertaking their duties throughout a prisoner’s time in prison.

The practice directives have been grouped into themed categories and focus on identifying specific responsibilities and accountabilities through the use of process maps and clear accountability standards.

At Risk Management


Community Engagement

Confidential Information

Daily Operations

  • Case Management
  • Prisoners of Concern
  • Gate Books, Log Books and Registers (In Confidence)
  • Movement Control (In Confidence)
  • Headcount, Unlock, Muster, Lock away (In Confidence)
  • Night Shift (In Confidence)
  • Supervisor Handover (In Confidence)

Dog Squad (In Confidence)

Facility Security


Female Prisoners and Children


Incident Management

Industries Management

Intelligence (In Confidence)

Offender Pathways

Prisoner Development

Prisoner Accommodation Management

Prisoner Behaviour Management

Prisoner Employment

Prisoner Entitlements


Reception Processes

Safety and Security Equipment

  • Armoury (In Confidence)
  • Key Management (In Confidence) (In Confidence)
  • Management of Safety and Security Equipment (In Confidence)
  • Weapons, Ammunition and Chemical Agents (In Confidence)
  • Tools and Hazardous Culinary Equipment (In Confidence)
  • Body Worn Cameras


Sentence Management

Substance Testing

Terrorist Prisoners

  • Preventative Detention Orders (In Confidence)
  • Terrorist Prisoner Management (In Confidence)

Transgender Prisoners

Visitors to a Facility

Tactical Options Response – Use of Force (In Confidence)

Last updated: 22 May 2024