About Queensland Corrective Services

Queensland Corrective Services (QCS) contributes to a fair, safe and just Queensland by managing government and privately operated custodial facilities and supporting the rehabilitation of offenders within and outside our facilities. We assist crime prevention through the humane containment, supervision and rehabilitation of offenders in correctional centres and the community.

Corrective services are a key responsibility of the Queensland Government,  and along with courts and the police, are a central component of the criminal justice system. QCS, in partnership with other key criminal justice agencies, is committed to the critical role of community safety and crime prevention.

QCS operates eleven high security and six low security correctional centres, as well as 35 probation and parole district offices and over 140 reporting locations across the State. These ensure that prisoners and offenders are provided with appropriate classification, supervision and access to programs, education and vocational training to maximise their chance of successful reintegration into society.


QCS administers the following legislation:

Delegations, limitations, authorisations and directions

These instruments indicate positions that may exercise powers provided for in legislation.

For delegations relating to powers of the Minister provided for in legislation:

For delegations relating to powers of the chief executive provided for in legislation (Including powers under the Corrective Services Act 2006 and Public Service Act 2008; the Department of Community Safety’s (DCS) human resource delegations, DCS’s financial and travel delegations, and DCS’s approval authority (Financial) for Queensland Shared Services):


For limitations relating to powers of a corrective services officer provided for in legislation:

For a search requiring the removal of clothing of prisoners:

Last updated: 9 January 2024