Contraband seized at Wolston Correctional Centre

A female visitor was arrested last week after allegedly trying to introduce drugs into Wolston Correctional Centre by hiding a package within her clothes.

The 36-year-old has received a Notice to Appear on one count of supplying dangerous drugs to a correctional centre.

Queensland Corrective Services Commissioner Peter Martin said illicit drugs are a significant threat to the safety and security of our prisons, staff and those in our custody.

“We deploy a range of strategies to detect and seize contraband, such as Passive Alert Drug Detection dogs, which help to keep our staff and prisoners safe.”

Prisoners found with contraband in their possession face additional criminal charges.

Taking or attempting to take contraband into a correctional centre is an offence with a penalty of up to two years imprisonment.

Commissioner Martin commended the officers at the centre.

“Our officers take their duty to prevent contraband coming into the centres very seriously.”

The Corrective Services Investigation Unit is investigating the incident.