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Contraband seized during targeted search

A range of contraband was seized during a targeted search on Wednesday at the low security Townsville Correctional Complex Male Farm following receipt of information by intelligence officers.

During the search, officers found a number of items including mobile phones, two USB sticks, a quantity of drugs, a tattoo gun and three cigarette lighters.

Four prisoners have been identified as alleged perpetrators and have all been transferred back to Townsville Correctional Centre’s Secure Unit.

General Manager Peter hall said that trying to introduce prohibited items into a prison facility was a significant risk to the safety and security of our officers, prisoners and visitors.

“We have zero tolerance approach to people introducing contraband into our centre. You can receive up to two years in prison if you attempt to bring prohibited items into a prison so it is not worth the risk,” GM Hall said.

“Prisoners involved in this type of activity are also disciplined and many lose access to contact visits and other privileges.

“Our officers use a range of techniques, including monitoring ingoing and outgoing mail and random and targeted searches as part of our strategy to keep these dangerous items out of our prison.

“Where contraband does pass through these stringent measures, intelligence handling and officer searches are effective in removing unapproved items.

“I want to thank our intelligence officers and all our custodial corrective officers for their diligence and ongoing efforts to keep our centres free of drugs and contraband, GM Hall said.

The CSIU have been advised of the contraband seizure.