Poster A3 Covid Hotspot Restrictions Chart Custodial

COVID-19 update, restrictions eased further

Due to the remarkable effort to contain the COVID-19 cases at the Queensland Corrective Services Academy and the Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre, we are able relax the restrictions at some of our centres and offices.

We are able to recommence personal visits as of September 21 at Lotus Glen, Capricornia and Townsville Correctional Centre’s as they have reverted to Stage 1 restrictions.

Official, cultural and legal visits can recommence as of September 21 at Maryborough, Woodford, Numinbah and Palen Creek Correctional Centers as well as Helena Joes Centre, South Coast, North Coast Brisbane region community corrections officers as they have reverted to Stage 2 restrictions.

Recruit training has recommenced at the Queensland Corrective Services Academy.

The following Centres are at  Stage 3 restrictions.

  • Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre
  • Brisbane Correctional Centre
  • Wolston Correctional Centre
  • Brisbane Women’s Correctional Centre
  • Borallon Training and Correctional Centre
  • Southern Queensland Correctional Centre
  • Escort and Security (including Princess Alexandra Hospital Secure Unit)
  • Ipswich and Inala Community Corrections

The following Centres are at Stage 2 restrictions.

  • Maryborough Correctional Centre
  • Woodford Correctional Centre
  • Helana Jones Centre
  • Numinbah Correctional Centre and
  • Palen Creek Correctional Centre
  • Southern Region (except Ipswich and Inala) Community Corrections offices
  • South Coast, Brisbane and North Coast Region Community Corrections offices


Stage two restrictions explained

The following Centres are at Stage 1 restrictions.

  • Lotus Glen Correctional Centre
  • Capricornia Correctional Centre
  • Townsville Correctional Centre