Welcome to Maryborough Correctional Centre – a virtual experience.

Best when viewed on Edge browser

This is your chance to take a look inside Maryborough Correctional Centre.
Move around and hear from the officers behind the wire as they perform their important roles in helping to keep the community safe.
After the welcome from Chief Superintendent Kris Winter, you can select areas in the prison you want to visit by clicking on the red markers.
If you want to tour the whole centre, start at visits and use the arrows on the bottom right to take the full tour.
As you travel through, you’ll find a range of clickable icons to explore.
The QCS crest at the top right will return you to the main menu at any time.
When you’re ready, ensure your audio is turned up and click ‘Start’.
Enjoy your visit!
Our thanks to the officers at MCC for participating in this project.