Prison officers not fooled by contraband stitch up

Vigilant officers at Woodford Correctional Centre have successfully stopped a large quantity of contraband Suboxone strips from entering the prison by post.

Woodford Correctional Centre Chief Superintendent, General Manager Stuart McHaffie said suspicions were raised when a satchel containing clothing arrived in the centre’s mail room.

“Officers intercepted garments including a jacket, business shirt, trousers and socks in a parcel addressed to a prisoner,” Chief Superintendent McHaffie said.

“Our observant mailroom officers became suspicious of a stitch up when they noticed something could be concealed and immediately alerted the prison’s intelligence unit about the suspicious garment.

“An X-ray of the seized items detected organic material within the jacket lining.

“A physical investigation revealed a package wrapped in cling film containing 50 strips of Suboxone.

Chief Superintendent McHaffie said the intercept highlights the outstanding work done by correctional officers to protect public safety.

“Our officers saved lives by stopping 400 potential illegal drug administrations with this discovery,” Superintendent McHaffie said.

“This was a fine example of officers gathering intelligence and working together to seize a large quantity of a banned substance before it could enter the Woodford facility.

“It is also a reminder of the ongoing creative attempts to smuggle contraband into our correctional centres.

“Contraband, including illicit substances puts the lives of prison officers, prisoners and visitors at serious risk and Queensland Corrective Services (QCS) has a zero-tolerance approach.”

The matter has been referred to Queensland Police Service for investigation.