Wolf 2

Prison pup puts best paw forward

One of Queensland Corrective Services’ youngest recruits has showed off his skills at a special demonstration at Maryborough Correctional Centre.

Wolf, an 11-month-old German Shepherd has been in training at the academy since he was just eight weeks old with one of QCS’ most experienced dog handlers.

While most puppies are still working on ‘sit’ and ‘stay’, Wolf is already well advanced in the tactical skills he will need on the front line of public safety once he is commissioned as a General Purpose dog in coming months.

He is showing excellent aptitude in searching, suspicion and bite work, all of which will help him and his handler Steve keep their colleagues safe behind the razor wire at Maryborough Correctional Centre.

“Wolf is a great pup who  is purpose bred from operational dogs,” said Dog Squad Supervisor Steve, who received a 20-year Long Service and Good Conduct Medal at a recent ceremony.

“He is shaping up as an excellent GP dog, with a great work drive and a good attitude towards his work.

“We’ve been able to bring him along at his own speed since he arrived at the centre, and it is obvious that he absolutely loves the work,” handler Steve said.

Chief Superintendent Kris Winter, General Manager, Maryborough Correctional Centre said that the General Purpose dogs play a vital role in officer safety by responding to critical incidents to support front line officers.

“The GP dogs are a powerful deterrent to prisoners who would threaten our staff with violent behaviour.

“Our officers will tell you there are few more welcome noises than a barking GP dog approaching an unruly unit.

“Our Delta Unit are a highly professional specialist team who work across the centre to increase safety and security,” Ch Supt Winter said.