QCS joins public safety partners at Brisbane Pride March

Recently, I had the pleasure of launching Corrections 2030, a 10 year strategic roadmap for the future of Queensland Corrective Services.

Corrections 2030 identifies five key principles which should guide our day-to-day work. They are safety, excellence, empowerment, accountability and respect.

I believe Queensland Corrective Services’ commitment to a diverse workforce embodies each of these principles, which is why I am proud to be joining the QCS contingent at the upcoming Brisbane Pride March.

We will be marching with all of our public safety partners – QPS, QAS, QFES, SES, PSBA and AFP to recognise and support our LGBTIQ+ officers, and I invite all QCS officers to join us.

Last year was the first year that QCS was involved in the Pride March as a stand-alone agency, and while sadly I was overseas and unable to march, I was pleased to see the group of officers proudly wearing the QCS uniform, including Deputy Commissioner Paul Stewart.

Last year also saw the introduction of the Pride QCS badge, which was recently approved formally by the uniform committee. This year will see the introduction of QCS Pride lanyards, which will be available for all staff to wear as a part of their work attire should they choose.

On the Friday September 20, I will be hosting a LGBTIQ+ Roundtable to help inform the development of the QCS Diversity Strategy, an important part of the work being done by People Capability Command to ensure we are supporting our officers to ‘bring their whole selves’ to work.

As a modern, professional employer of choice, Queensland Corrective Services acknowledges the important contribution of a diverse and representative workforce. We are stronger for standing together, and with diversity comes innovation and excellence.

I hope you will join us on September 21 to represent QCS, alongside our public safety partners.

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