QCS’ road to COVID-19 recovery revealed

Following the release of the Queensland Government’s Roadmap to easing restrictions in Queensland, QCS’ cautious step-down approach to recovery from COVID-19 was recently released.

Commissioner Peter Martin APM released QCS’ Recovery Commencement Plan, which outlines a staged process that aligns with the easing of restrictions within Queensland.

Commissioner Martin said the safety of QCS officers, and the safe and secure operation of its prisons remained its priority throughout its recovery journey

“The Recovery Commencement Plan is a logical step-down of restrictions. It relies on a delay before we ease our restrictions to try to minimise the risks to our officers and those in our care,” Commissioner Martin said.

“This means that it will not be until the introduction of Stage 2 restrictions in the Queensland community that you will see a change in our processes and protocols, including the reintroduction of official visits.

“At Stage 3 of the Roadmap, the Recovery Plan sees the reintroduction of personal visits in some form; noting social distancing will require adjustments in the way we manage visits.

“The plan is dependent on how successful the easing of restrictions is within the community and subject to change based on those outcomes.

“COVID-19 is still a risk and restrictions may need to be elevated and relaxed a number of times throughout our recovery journey.

“We will continue to be responsive to changes in the wider community and government advice, especially from Queensland Health and the Chief Health Officer.

“I encourage all officers to familiarise themselves with the Recovery Commencement Plan.”

Commissioner Martin said officers had done a remarkable job in preventing the virus from entering prisons.

“Everyone has a role to play in our continued effort to prevent COVID-19 from entering our prisons. I want to thank all officers for their strong focus on infection control measures during this unprecedented time,” he said.

“Please remember to maintain social distancing and good hygiene habits for your safety and the safety of your loved ones and colleagues.”

Officers can view the Recovery Commencement Plan here and contact the State Corrections Operations Centre for any questions at QCSCOVID-19StateOperationsCentre@Corrections.qld.gov.au

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