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TCC review implementation on track

One year after a comprehensive review of the workplace culture at Townsville Correctional Complex was finalised, all of the local actions recommended by the independent workplace investigator have been implemented.

Nearly 30 actions were recommended to address officers’ concerns about the culture at the complex, and apart from the finalisation of a small number of actions being implemented across QCS more broadly, all have been finalised.

Deputy Commissioner Custodial Operations, Gary McCahon said that the review recommended a range of actions to improve communication at the complex, transparency of decision making and leadership development.

“When the Commissioner accepted all of the recommendations of the report in late June last year, he indicated that some of the work would take months or even years to fully implement, and while there are a few actions still underway as a part of QCS-wide implementations, all of the actions identified at a local level are complete,” DC McCahon said.

“These include providing improved stability to the complex, with the recruitment to a range of important positions across the leadership group, and improved leadership development and training to better support our officers.

“Improved and equitable access to operational skills training and opportunities for advancement has already been addressed locally, and the centre will be one of the first to receive the new Tactical Response training when it is rolled out across the State.

“Some of the first priorities when the review was handed down was addressing issues of nepotism and bullying which were identified under previous leadership, as well as dramatically improving the communication across the centre through the implementation of regular town hall meetings and a range of formal and informal information sharing activities.

“Additionally, new legislation introduced this year provides our officers with easier access to psychological support without needing to prove that their injury is work related before they can access help.

“Of course, embedding true culture change in a large and dynamic workplace is a marathon, not a sprint, especially when some of the issues identified in the report have been generations in the making, and implementing the actions identified by the review is simply the start of what will be an ongoing effort at all levels of the centre, and across QCS and we will continue to support officers through the process,” DC McCahon said.