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Wear it Purple this August 30

I want to share with you why I will be supporting Wear it Purple day which is coming up on August 30.
There is no denying how far LGBTIQ+ rights and support has come. No denying how much amazing support from colleagues, families and strangers our LGBTIQ+ community receives. And without a doubt, the progress of acceptance and equality has come in part as a result of these allies.
Equally, there is no denying the statistics.
LGTIQ+ young people aged between 16-27 are 5 times more likely to attempt suicide, Transgender people nearly 11 times more likely.
Coming to terms with your sexuality or your gender identity is such an individual journey and for many a very challenging and isolating one.
There is a saying “You can’t be what you can’t see”.  Growing up LGBTIQ+ can be like that. It might be maybe getting a little better but generally you don’t know any LGBTIQ+ people, you don’t see that many on TV, you don’t see them in work roles you aspire to, or achieving their goals.  In all likelihood, you are the only one in your family!
Finding your way at work or in school, knowing you are not the same as everyone else you mix with on a daily basis can compound that isolation.
Regardless of how comfortable you get in your skin and regardless of how much overwhelming support and acceptance you receive, you are always aware that on one level you are different, so it is so important we support our young people through these experiences.
Wearing it Purple is about supporting our LGBTIQ+ youth by raising awareness and inclusion across schools, universities and workplaces.
It’s about letting them know it is safe to be their whole self, be proud of who they are and to create inclusion for all.  Our youth are our future.
Wear it Purple is a global movement and was established to show our young people that there is hope and that they are supported and accepted.
Be part of a movement that has the potential to save lives. Wear it Purple this 30 August!

Louise Kneeshaw
Regional Manager, Central Region Community Corrections