50 Days of Grey(Hound) – PLAY DATE!

Hi guys!

Liam the Greyhound here, with my second journal entry from prison.

As you may recall from last week’s post, my mate Cyril and I got sent up to Palen Creek Correctional Centre to learn the ins and outs of being pets after our racing careers finished.

We’re lucky enough to be in the Greyhound Adoption Program, which helps to prepare former racing greyhounds for adoption as pets.

It might sound ruff being sent to prison (see what I did there) but we’re starting to think this prison sentence might be just what we need to get us on the straight and narrow.

Who knew there was so much to learn about being a pet!

Heckin handsome Liam chilling out at Palen Creek Correctional Centre.

Luckily we each have a prisoner handler who is showing us the finer points of becoming very good boys.

This week I focused on learning how to get into cars. I haven’t quite mastered jumping in yet (these long legs are hard!) so my handler has been lifting me in and out. Then this week they got me a ramp, to help me until I can work it all out, which is pretty cool.

But by far the most exciting thing this week was I a date with a cute redhead.

Well, actually a play-date with Zoe the red cattle dog. She and I had so much fun, and I impressed her with my zoomies. She didn’t stand a chance of keeping up. We also did lots of sniffing of stuff…another important dog skill.

Sniffing all the things.

Apparently I was a very good boy, and look like being suitable for a home with other dogs, but man was I tired after she left!

Being a typical greyhound, I could nap for Australia at the nap Olympics, and I had a super long nap that afternoon, even by greyhound standards.

But it isn’t all play in prison, you know. I also have to help the officers with the paperwork in the administration office. I ‘found’ a catalogue that clearly needed shredding, and got right to it…the officers said something about me being a kleptomaniac. I think that’s just another word for cute, right?

Helping with the paperwork.

My handler’s family came to visit him this week, and he spent ages telling his kids all about me, and how clever I am and how much I am learning, although I think he might be learning some stuff as well. He’ll never run as fast as I do, but I hope he realises how much he is helping me.

Well, that’s all for this week. I can’t wait to see what I learn next week!

I still don’t have a release date, but they say if I keep working hard at my rehabilitation, I will find my furever home before I know it…

Until next time,
Pawprints and cold noses


Editor’s note: You can see Liam’s first journal entry at https://corrections.qld.gov.au/50-days-of-greyhound/


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