Puzzle 3

A full picture solution to a puzzling problem in Hervey Bay

Puzzles for sick children in hospital.

Hervey Bay Community Corrections recently came up with a full picture solution to a puzzling problem that will brighten the stay of sick kids in hospital.

The puzzle project is the brainchild of Eddie who works at the Hervey Bay District Community Corrections Office and he has taken an innovative approach to a puzzling conundrum.

A number of people who are under the supervision in the Hervey Bay District are unable to participate in traditional community service projects, either because of where they live or due to health limitations, so Eddie created an innovative solution to engage them with meaningful work that was suited their needs.

He came up with the idea to get these offenders to help create puzzles for children in the Hervey Bay and Maryborough Hospitals to help them pass the time while they are receiving treatment.

Eddie holding images to become puzzles.

The puzzles, which are cut by hand by offenders, depict well-known landmarks from the Fraser Coast area and are bagged up with positive notes to distribute in the children’s wards of Hervey Bay and Maryborough Hospitals.

Central Regional Manager, Louise Kneeshaw said the project was a simple but innovative way to engage offenders in community service as well as help local children and brighten their day.

“Eddie came to me with the idea as a solution to a trickly problem of engaging with offenders in the community that have a limited capacity and might not be able to involve in other programs we run due to where they live.

“The idea is a fantastic example of innovation and thinking outside the square as we can provide offenders the opportunity to provide some reparation to the community through this work.

“In community corrections, we are agents of change and are on the front line of community safety.

“We help break the cycle of reoffending through meaningful community service programs like this to keep offenders engaged and connected to their community while helping sick children in the Fraser Coast area,” Ms Kneeshaw said.