Bake Sale for Banks Creek Retreat continues legacy of Everyday Hero

Borallon Training and Correctional Centre (BTCC) officers have raised over $800 for Banks Creek Retreat, following in the footsteps of Everyday Hero Finalist and Custodial Correctional Officer Grant Neilson and his wife, police officer Nicole Seden.

Banks Creek Retreat was set up by Grant and Nicole in 2017 on their own land outside of Fernvale and has been established as a peaceful retreat and safe space for emergency service personnel and ADF members to relax, support each other and their families.

Grant was a finalist in the 2018 QBANK Everyday Heroes Awards for his work developing the Banks Creek Retreat site as a camping and recreation retreat for emergency service workers and Australian Defence Force (ADF) members to focus on their mental health.

The retreat encourages work colleagues and their families to enjoy the picturesque site and use it as a way to relax and unwind, support each other and encouraging them to partake is small projects to make the site more enjoyable and leave a legacy they can enjoy when they return.

A recent donation of over $800 to the retreat was made by by staff from BTCC which they raised during a bake sale.

Custodial Correctional Officer Emily said that the bake sale was a resounding success and the money donated will be used for improvements to the facilities that Banks Creek currently offer.

“We wanted to give something back to the retreat that Grant and Nicole have set up as it offers so much to us as emergency service workers. It allows us to unwind and talk through the challenges that many of us face during our work lives,” she said.

“I have gone to Banks Creek with some of my work colleagues and their families and it is such a special place that allows the time and space to support each other and focus on self-care and seeking further support if we need it.”

Grant Neilson said the purpose of the site is to assist emergency service workers with a community of support to help people who may have experienced a number of psychological illnesses and stresses as a result of their work.

“We have big plans to expand the site and be able to offer more services and spaces at the site and we have a strong desire to help build the site as a community and link in with organisations that can make a real difference to everyone’s life.” Mr Neilson said.

“This project would not be possible without our 3,500 Emergency Service and ADF members. We are humbled and encouraged by the support we are receiving but there is so much more that we can do with everyone’s support.”

“The mental health of our service families should be a priority, and forming communities like ours is an important strategy to promote positive mental health amongst our members.
The generosity of our members helps keep the retreat open, but if we save one life by providing them with a safe space and the knowledge that someone does care, then we say it’s worth it”

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