Capricornia Correctional Centre launches the Disrupting Family Violence Program

  •  Capricornia Correctional Centre (CAPCC) launches program to tackle domestic and family violence.
  •  The Disrupting Family Violence Program (DFVP) is a perpetrator program delivered over 10 weeks.
  •  Program involves officers from Custodial Operations, Community Corrections, and violence specialists.

Capricornia Correctional Centre has launched the Disrupting Family Violence Program (DFVP) to tackle domestic and family violence and increase safety.

The DFVP, which was initially trialled across three correctional centres – Woodford, Maryborough and Wolston between 2018 and 2019 has now been extended to Capricornia Correctional Centre.

The program, offered to perpetrators of domestic and family violence, promotes behaviour change by increasing accountability.

More than 30 Queensland Corrective Services staff across the state, have been trained to deliver the program, which aims to reduce violent and abusive behaviours in intimate partner relationships with a strong focus on victim safety.

Quotes attributable to Paul Stewart APM, Commissioner, QCS:

“Family violence intervention is particularly challenging and complex, and I want to commend our officers for taking on this body of work to increase safety and offer hope to those impacted by family violence through this incredible program.

“By raising community awareness about domestic and family violence and equipping those who use violence with strategies to address their offending we aim to bring about meaningful change to tackle domestic violence at its core.”

Quotes attributable to Chief Superintendent Richard Butcher, General Manager, Capricornia Correctional Centre:

“We are proud to offer this program to selected prisoners to change their behaviours and promote family wellbeing in their community as a part of our ongoing commitment to keep the public safe.

“This program involves officers from Custodial Operations, Community Corrections and violence specialists from the Offender Intervention Unit working with case managers to supervise the participants as they complete the course and transition back into the community.”

Quotes attributable to Paula, Senior Program Delivery Officer, Capricornia Correctional Centre:

“As part of the program, we will explore core beliefs and emotions that drive abusive thinking and behaviours and provide strategies to promote family wellbeing like respect and equality to enhance relationships and how violence and abusive practices undermine relationships”.

“Our work at Queensland Corrective Services is centred on public safety and this program is an example of how we engage with offenders to challenge and change offending behaviour.”

Explainer/fast fact and or further information

• The Disrupting Family Violence Program (DFVP) commenced at Capricornia in 2022. The most recent course commenced on Monday 15 May.
• The program was implemented following the Not now, not ever report on domestic family violence in 2015, which called for an increase in evidence-based intervention.
• DFVP also assists participants to learn how family violence affects children.
• Participants are screened for suitability to participate in the program.
• The program is delivered by correctional centre Program Delivery Officers with support of a centralised Offender Intervention Unit.
• QCS partners with the Youth and Family Service (YFS) to offer women’s advocacy services for women and children who are victims of men participating in the DFVP.