Community corrections connects domestic and family violence victims with safe phones

Rockhampton’s Community Corrections team is connecting victims of domestic and family violence with critical communication equipment – safe mobile phones.

District Manager, Warren Williams said Queensland Corrective Services has joined the Safe Phone Project as part of Domestic and Family Violence Prevention month in May.

“Our office initiated and coordinated a whole-of-government building drop off and collection point for the Safe Phone Project which recycles and distributes mobile phones to victims of domestic and family violence,” Mr Williams said.

“A mobile phone is something that many of us take for granted, but it can be a potential lifesaver for victims of domestic and family violence, giving them a direct line to emergency responders and support services.

“Many government employees in our building either work closely with victims or perpetrators of domestic and family violence or at times provide services to clients who have been affected.

“Old, damaged and unused mobile phones, cables and chargers are donated to the collection point, sent to the DV Safe Phone project team where they are erased, recycled and tested before being forwarded to victims in need of a mobile phone.”

Mr Williams said Domestic and Family Violence Prevention month is an important time to reflect, raise community awareness and support victims.

“Queensland Corrective Services is on the frontline of public safety and we have the opportunity to work with our communities and each other to prevent and respond to domestic and family violence wherever it arises,” he said.