Community safety lifts with graduation of North Queensland officers

Townsville has welcomed 17 new custodial correctional officers to join the front line of public safety following a graduation last week.

The officers will start their service at the Townsville Correctional Complex (TCC) and confirmed their commitment to help keep their community safe by the humane containment and rehabilitation of prisoners at the ceremony.

Queensland Corrective Services (QCS) Acting Commissioner James Koulouris and TCC Chief Superintendent Peter Hall were present to welcome and thank the new custodial correctional officers.

“I welcome all the new QCS Officers to the QCS family and thank them and their families for their commitment and hard work carried out to ensure the safety and security of the TCC and the North Queensland community,” A/Commissioner Koulouris said.

“Custodial correctional officers have a very difficult and challenging role, but this is also an amazing opportunity to be agents of change and help rehabilitate some of the most challenging individuals in our community.”

“You are joining a professional team that keep community safe through our five guiding principles of Corrections 2030: safety, excellence, empowerment, accountability and respect.”

Chief Superintendent Hall said that the training the officers received in the program would equip them well for their careers in QCS.

“The graduating officers completed the Custodial Officer Entry Program, which focuses on best-practice approaches, including correctional centre practices and behaviour management,” Chief Superintendent Hall said.

“The course content places great emphasis on safety, including situational awareness and communication, and de-escalation techniques.

“These officers will be meeting the high standards expected of officers within QCS as they continue to develop their skills.”

For information on how to apply to become a Custodial Correctional Officer, visit