#DVPreventionMonth: Community Corrections officers make a commitment to ‘be someone who does something’ about DFV

Community Corrections officers are deeply committed to addressing the impact of domestic and family violence (DFV) in all that they do and have made a commitment to ‘be someone who does something’ about DFV

Every day, front line case managers in Central Region Community Corrections work with men and women who have experienced domestic and family violence – both as victims and perpetrators.

Their philosophy is simple, yet effective – hold those who choose to use violence in relationships accountable for their actions and work alongside them to teach them how to change their behaviour and adapt healthier strategies when relating to others.

This approach is achieved through regular conversations with skilled officers, referrals to behaviour change programs run by external provider partners and through participation in awareness raising events in local communities.

Central Region officers have been actively engaged in supporting the Red Bench Project in collaboration with the Red Rose Foundation to construct red benches for display around the State which act as a permanent reminder of domestic and family violence in our communities.

They are also involved in the delivery of the ‘Love Bites’ respectful relationships programs at local schools and undertake regular team training in relation to domestic and family violence.

As part of their commitment to ‘be someone who does something’ about DFV, the Central Region team across five districts all participated remotely in the virtual candlelight vigil that was held earlier in the month to honour those who have lost their lives through domestic or family violence.

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