#DVPreventionMonth: Meet Louise, Education Officer and DFV advocate, at Lotus Glen Correctional Centre

Louise is one of many Navitas, a dedicated and caring team of officers within QCS who play an important role in providing support to their colleagues who may be experiencing domestic and family violence (DFV).

Louise has a thorough understanding of DFV-related issues and has witnessed first-hand the devastating impacts of this violence while working in a domestic violence refuge for many years.

More recently, her current role at Lotus Glen Correctional Centre often involves her working with prisoners who have been perpetrators of domestic and family violence.

Louise said all QCS officers play a vital role in keeping our communities safe through the prevention of crime, including DFV.

“Every interaction with a prisoner is an opportunity to change their trajectory and reduce their likelihood of reoffending.”

“We have a responsibility to fulfil this duty and shift their attitudes toward a sometimes deeply engrained, multigenerational culture of DFV – through being positive role models, addressing negative behaviours, and facilitating intervention programs and education.”

As an employer, QCS is committed to supporting officers experiencing DFV and Louise said she was proud to be a part of the Navita team.

“Being involved in the Navita program is another great opportunity to give back to those affected by domestic and family violence, which has destructive consequences not only on the victims and their families, but the community as well.”

“We can help point our colleagues in the right direction of support or just lend an empathetic ear in a safe and confidential environment.”

Navitas are trained officers who come from an array of backgrounds, actively participate in supporting awareness activities and are committed to respecting the privacy and confidentiality of their colleagues.

Their role is to provide support, guidance and advice such as where to find support services, accessing special leave from work or just someone to talk to.

Thank you to Louise and all of our officers for the work you do in standing up and helping put an end to domestic and family violence.


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