Independent review of Townsville Correctional Complex kicks off

A comprehensive independent workplace review of Townsville Correctional Complex will start next week.

An independent workplace investigator was engaged by Queensland Corrective Services to undertake the review of Townsville Correctional Complex.

Fahl E.R., a specialist employee relations company, will commence work on the review with briefings from a number of senior executive at QCS Headquarters and the Together Union on the week of Monday February 10.

The review will move to Townsville on Monday February 17, where it will continue until early April.

Queensland Corrective Services Commissioner Peter Martin APM, who announced the review last month, said that Fahl E.R. was uniquely qualified to provide a comprehensive, independent and totally confidential review of any workplace issues at the complex.

“Fahl E.R. has a strong track record in contributing to positive change in a range of large, complex organisations, including Queensland Police and Queensland Health.

“I am confident in their ability to provide our officers with the chance to raise any concerns they have about the workplace at Townsville Correctional Complex in a confidential, supportive and totally independent setting.

“The review will be based at an office building in the Townsville CBD, away from the correctional centre to allow officers complete confidentiality.

“The objects of the review are to promote efficiency, effectiveness and equity in the workplace through an exploratory review. A key objective is to support a healthy, productive work environment.

“We have asked Fahl E.R. to undertake an analysis of any workplace issues within the TCC to identify any concerns or opportunities for improvement around professionalism, integrity, accountability, innovation and acceptance of change.

“In particular, we have asked for the review to be undertaken in a way that is thorough, fair and impartial.

“This is the opportunity for all officers to have their say on their workplace, and to raise any concerns about the operation of the centre. It will enable us to ventilate issues and position the centre well for the future,” Commissioner Martin said.