Lotus Glen Correctional Centre embraces culture to celebrate NAIDOC Week

Lotus Glen Correctional Centre (LGCC) acknowledges the rich culture that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders bring to the community during NAIDOC Week in 2019.

NAIDOC Week events are occurring state-wide this month and this year’s national theme is VOICE.TREATY.RESPECT.

There are a number of events that are being held at the centre in August with a number of local Government and community agencies joining in to celebrate the cultural diversity in the community.

A flag raising ceremony will occur in late August and prisoners are encouraged to participate in traditional music and dance with families of prisoners invited to join in the celebrations.

LGCC General Manager Mike Mcfarlane said that the events are a celebration of the culture and diversity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander life and NAIDOC Week continues to foster inclusion and respect while keeping prisoners connected to their community and country.

“The diversity amongst our prisoners means that celebrating NAIDOC Week is always a special time at the centre to highlight the positive aspects of their rich culture and what they can offer our community.” Mr Mcfarlane said.

“We want to continue to support prisoners in our care and highlighting their culture in a positive way and support research that suggest that a stronger connection to community and country for prisoners will reduce recidivism and significantly aid in their rehabilitation.”

“Through events we run at the centre, we hope that together we can assist the prisoners when they leave our care and help them reintegrate into their communities and country as more socially inclusive citizens”