Marvel-ous addition to safety in Lotus Glen community

Marvel, a 2-year-old Labrador Passive Alert Drug Detection (PADD) Dog will join the ranks of Lotus Glen Correctional Centre after graduating from training at the Queensland Corrective Services (QCS) Academy today.

Marvel will join his colleagues at Lotus Glen Correctional Centre to sniff out contraband with his experienced handler Steve, boosting safety for QCS officers, visitors and prisoners.

Lotus Glen Correctional Centre General Manager, Chief Superintendent Gabby Payne said QCS was committed to making correctional centres as safe as possible and welcomed Marvel and Steve and the vital role they played in increasing safety.

“Drug detection dogs and their handlers such as Marvel and Steve provide an important response capability, supporting our officers in the detection of contraband to disrupt and cease its distribution and supply,” Ch Supt Payne said.

Marvel is one of two dogs to graduate the recent PADD course, with the second dog, 18-month-old Labrador Harry being deployed to Borallon Training and Correctional Centre with handler Michael.

The officers and their new dogs completed a rigorous three-month training course, covering obedience, agility, tracking, property searches and operational deployment strategies.

Deputy Commissioner Custodial Operations, Gary McCahon said the two drug detection teams would commence duties from Monday, 29 November, bringing the number of drug dog teams working in correctional centres across the state to 41.

“PADD dogs are deployed on a daily basis to enhance barrier control measures at our centres by scanning people, mail, vehicles and correctional facilities, assisting in the control and seizure of illicit drugs being introduced into our centres,” DC McCahon said.

“The two dog handlers started their careers as custodial correctional officers and have worked hard to develop not only themselves along this journey, but also their recruit dogs.

“Graduating is just the beginning for these new partnerships, and I congratulate them both for completing the course,” DC McCahon said.