Dc Mccahon

Meet our new Deputy Commissioner Custodial Operations, Gary McCahon

The recruitment process for QCS’s newest Deputy Commissioner, Custodial Operations has been finalised this week with the appointment of Mr Gary McCahon.

Deputy Commissioner McCahon will commence in the position in June, but is not new to QCS, starting his career in corrections with humble beginnings in North Queensland in the early 80s.

“I’ve been in the correctional industry for 36 years, and started as a prison officer in Townsville,” Deputy Commissioner McCahon said.

DC McCahon was a General Manager for more than 25 years, managing correctional centres across Queensland and New South Wales.

“I worked my way up through the ranks to General Manager, managing numerous prisons encompassing male and female prison populations, and all types of classifications,” he said.

He has held senior positions within Corrective Services NSW as Director of Custodial Operations and most recently, the Director of the Corrective Services Academy, but when the opportunity arose, DC McCahon decided to return to his roots in Queensland.

“I really wanted the opportunity to take a leading role in QCS as a top tier front line public safety agency, to make a meaningful difference, particularly in improving officer safety and professionalism.”

“This is really important to me because I’ve never forgotten where I’ve come from, and I certainly understand the unique challenges faced by correctional officers.

“I was born in Townsville. Queensland is home to me and my family, and we’re very happy to be returning for the next chapter in our lives.

DC McCahon said with the challenges presented by COVID-19, now, more than ever ensuring the safety and security of our correctional officers and the prison population was a top priority for him.

“I acknowledge the importance of our officers and they certainly are our greatest assets. It is really important to me that we are providing the training, support, equipment and technology they need to do their job safely and efficiently,” he said.

Commissioner Peter Martin congratulated DC McCahon on his appointment.

“I am pleased to welcome DC McCahon back to the organisation. He will be taking up this position to help drive the development and growth of Queensland Corrective Services in this unprecedented and challenging time.

“I’d also like to extend my thanks to Acting Deputy Commissioner Peter Shaddock who will continue to relieve in the position until Deputy Commissioner McCahon joins us. Mr Shaddock has been instrumental in our ongoing planning and response to COVID-19 and I am grateful for his assistance in taking up the role,” Commissioner Martin said.

Deputy Commissioner McCahon will officially join QCS on 1 June 2020.

Listen to the podcast with Deputy Commissioner McCahon’s full interview here: