Offenders give back to flood-ravaged Townsville

Offenders subject to community service orders are giving back to the community by helping clean up Townsville after it was devastated by an extreme wet weather event.

A total of seven offenders completed in excess of 200 hours of flood clean-up work since the clean-up began on 8 February, under the supervision of a Community Corrections Officer.


Offenders helping to clean up debris.


Queensland Corrective Services Commissioner Peter Martin APM said community service provided an opportunity for individuals to make amends to the community they offended against.

“Offenders undertaking tasks and activities in the community clean-up are learning to develop new skills for employment so they can re-join the work force and society in a productive manner while helping to rebuild the community,” Commissioner Martin said.

“Our Community Corrections officers play a vital role in reducing recidivism by managing nearly 20,000 offenders across the State. Offenders helping to clean-up Townsville is another example of how we are trying to break the cycle of re-offending and contribute to the community in a meaningful way.”

Clean-up work has already been undertaken at boat ramps, beaches, the Murray Netball Complex and along the coastline with more than 20 bags of waste recovered and removed in one day. Assistance will continue and expand to green spaces, walkways and boardwalks that were impacted by the floods.

Rubbish being loaded for removal.


Commissioner Martin said he was proud of the work done by all Queensland Corrective Services officers in dealing with the unprecedented natural disaster.

“Up to 40 of our officers were personally impacted by the recent floods in Townsville. Officers that could get to work stepped up to assist in managing the Townsville Correctional Complex and Townsville Community Corrections District Office to continue monitoring offenders in the community,” he said.

“The way QCS banded together to help each other makes me honoured to be their Commissioner. We truly are one QCS, as demonstrated by these officers.”

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