Officers praised after contraband seized outside Maryborough Correctional Centre

Officers at Maryborough Correctional Centre (MCC) located a package containing a significant quantity of illicit drugs during a routine perimeter check last week.

As part of normal search activities, officers found the package outside the perimeter fence near an access road.

When opened, the package was found to contain a significant quantity of illicit drugs, which may be of considerable value had it made it undetected into the correctional environment.

MCC Chief Superintendent Alan Ingram said QCS had a zero-tolerance approach to the attempted introduction of contraband into correctional centres.

“The safety of our centres is our absolute priority, and our officers work hard to prevent contraband from entering the centres,” Chief Supt. Ingram said.

“If contraband was introduced into the centre, it presents a serious risk not only to the prisoners, but to our officers as well.

“I want to thank our officers for being vigilant in preventing the introduction of contraband into the centre, and a potentially deadly situation.”

Taking or attempting to take a prohibited item into a corrective services facility is a criminal offence with a penalty of up to two years’ imprisonment.

In addition, introducing dangerous drugs into correctional centres is classified as “aggravated supply” under the Drugs Misuse Act 1986, with a penalty of up to 25 years’ imprisonment.

Prisoners identified as having involvement in the introduction of contraband are disciplined. This may also have an impact on Parole applications.

Queensland Police Service have taken possession of the contraband and have commenced investigations.

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