Officers praised for thwarting abscond

Officers at Townsville Correctional Low Security Men’s Centre have been praised for their work in intercepting a contraband and would-be abscond drop last night.

The officers located a package of contraband outside the centre at about 1:50am while conducting a regular patrol of the perimeter of the farm.

After securing the package, they observed the prisoners after unlock, and identified two prisoners moving towards the location of the contraband drop.

The two prisoners were restrained after moving out of the low security reserve and transported back to the High Security Centre.

The package was later found to contain a quality of tobacco, cannabis and tobacco paper.

General Manager of Townsville Correctional Complex, Chief Superintendent Louise Kneeshaw praised the work of the officers in locating the contraband drop.

“Additionally, monitoring the prisoners upon unlock enabled them to identify the intent of the two prisoners to abscond from the low security farm in order to retrieve the package,” Ch Supt Kneeshaw said.

“Their efforts overnight helped preserve the safety and security of the centre through effective dynamic security,” Ch Supt Kneeshaw said.

“Our officers work hard every day to improve community safety through the supervision and rehabilitation of prisoners.

“Prisoners who are placed in low security are expected to show an increased personal responsibility for their actions as a stepping-stone to release back into the community.

“The majority of prisoners respect the privilege of being in low security and its additional responsibilities.

“These prisoners abused that privilege, and as a consequence they have been returned to high security.

“I commend the officers for their vigilance in identifying the drop and preventing the abscond from the prison reserve.

“As is always the case, we will be reviewing every aspect of this incident to see what learnings there are for us as a part of our commitment to continual improvement,” Ch Supt Kneeshaw said.

Investigations into the contraband drop continue.

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