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Take a Look Inside QCS officer profile

Jonathan, Program Delivery Officer, Specialist Operations, Far Northern Region

Jonathan’s role as a Program Delivery Officer in the Far Northern Region focuses on a strong commitment to community safety.

“In my role, I deliver behaviour change programs in the community, targeted mainly at violent and sexual offenders subject to community-based orders around the Far Northern Region,” Jonathan said.

“These programs are developed to encourage positive change with the intention of reducing recidivism and resulting in safer communities.”

Some of the programs Jonathan facilitates include Positive Futures – a domestic violence program aimed at Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men; the Build Don’t Break resilience program which helps offenders learn new strategies to help them deal with challenging situations; and a maintenance substance abuse program aimed at reinforcing concepts that offenders learn in other treatment programs targeting substance abuse.

“The QCS suite of sexual offending programs are also frequently facilitated in this area, which target the specific treatment needs of sexual offenders subject to community-based supervision reduce the risk of re-offending.”

Jonathan joined QCS in 2017 when he was looking for a role that was going to be challenging and rewarding.

“Since joining QCS, I have been fortunate to experience different roles, including case management, custodial program delivery and the Aurukun re-entry program, which have given me a greater perspective and understanding in the role QCS plays in contributing to community safety.

“When I first joined QCS, it took me a while to understand the reality of the over-representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the criminal justice system, which is why it is important that we develop culturally-appropriate programs to address criminal behaviour and foster rehabilitation.

“This is achieved by working with local cultural liaison officers or community stakeholders to seek input into some of the programs we offer.

“I work with people from various cultural backgrounds and I love that the role is ever changing, but it does come with its challenges.

“We service a large area given our remote geographic location, which spans from Thursday Island to Innisfail, and while we deliver as far and wide as we can, we can’t be everywhere.

“The connections we have with stakeholders is imperative to the services we offer as they often assist us in delivering programs to offenders in smaller communities.

“I have learnt that adaptability, flexibility and consistent communication is key to our role in helping rehabilitate offenders in the community so they can lead crime-free lives.”

Jonathan was born in Queensland and has had the opportunity to experience life in different cities and regions across the state, including Brisbane, Gold Coast, Mount Isa, Innisfail, Mareeba and Cairns.

“My role in QCS is intellectually stimulating, challenging and rewarding and I encourage anyone with the ability to adapt in an ever-changing environment, good communication skills and an open mind, to consider a career in corrections,” Jonathan said.