Take a Look Inside QCS officer profile

Gina, Custodial Correctional Officer (CCO), Brisbane Correctional Centre

Gina emigrated from England when she was 14 and joined Queensland Corrective Services as a CCO after graduating from university when she was only 20.

For the past eight years, Gina has dedicated her career to community safety working as a CCO in the Protection Accommodation Area at Brisbane Correctional Centre (BCC).

“As a CCO I am driven by commitment and opportunity to make a difference everyday by playing my part in making Queensland a safer place to live,” Gina said.

“Although it is my main goal to protect the community, I am provided with a rare opportunity to encourage rehabilitation and make a difference by assisting individuals to become better, more productive members of our society.

“In my role, I make it a principle part of my daily duty to listen, be thoughtful, acknowledge others mindfully, take responsibility for my decisions and be honest with those around me.

“Being respectful typically results in being respected and I believe this is essential in the challenging environment in which we work.

“I joined the Queensland public sector for many reasons, but primarily as I hold the same values and ambitions to be part of a high performing, impartial and productive workforce where I am working with a team that shares my passion of giving back to the community and putting Queensland first.

CCOs are faced with challenging situations due to the nature of the working environment, but Gina’s advice is finding a healthy work life balance and not letting what you are exposed to at work affect your everyday life.

Outside of work, Gina unwinds by spending time at the beach, enjoying adventures with her partner and dogs and catching up with family and friends.

“I am extremely lucky to live in such an amazing part of the world and it is a pleasure to do my part in ensuring it remains that way by protecting the community,” Gina said.



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