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Amber, Intelligence Analyst, Brisbane Region Community Corrections

Queenslander Amber joined the public sector to make a positive difference and help and support communities, so she followed her passion and joined community corrections which ticked all the boxes for her.

“Since joining Queensland Corrective Services (QCS), I have worked in multiple roles within community corrections, including case management, senior case management and probation services,” Amber said.

Amber’s diverse experience with QCS opened the door to her current role as an Intelligence Analyst.

“In my current role as an Intelligence Analyst, I receive and monitor information submissions from community corrections offices across the Brisbane region.

“From this information, I develop intelligence where possible, generate intelligence products and disseminate products to relevant clients to assist in case management, risk management and community safety.

“The role of Intelligence is extremely important in identifying trends, patterns and potential risk, and getting the information to people who need to know it in a timely manner.”

Amber said although it might not always be visible, the information that is received is developed and used to strengthen community safety in Queensland.

“On any given day, we deal with very delicate and sensitive issues, including submissions we receive on domestic and family violence matters,” she said.

“We are all aware of the widespread and complex nature of domestic and family violence in our communities and each day I do my part to assist in preventing further victimisation.

“Over the years I have learned to face challenges in my role head on and by building resilience, which is important when working with complex individuals.

“Working in the public sector has been challenging and rewarding and has given me a plethora of invaluable experience.”

If you are looking for a role where you can make a difference in your community, Amber recommends life skills such as resilience, ability to engage with stakeholders and a passion for helping others as desirable qualities.

In Amber’s spare time, she enjoys listening to comedy and true crime podcasts.


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