Jim Campbell Esb 11

Take a Look Inside QCS officer profile for Remembrance Day

Jim, Custodial Correctional Officer, Brisbane Supreme and District Courts and Brisbane Magistrates Court

Remembrance Day is a special day for Custodial Correctional Officer (CCO) Jim, who spent 20 years in the Australian Army prior to joining Queensland Corrective Services.

“Each year on Remembrance Day we reflect on the ultimate sacrifice made by those who served for our country and for the injury suffered in the name of the freedoms we celebrate today,” Jim said.

“For all generations in all aspects of conflict that have suffered loss in the name of freedom, Remembrance Day is a time to pause, reflect and remember.”

Jim reflects on his days in the Australian Defence Force (ADF) fondly and feels fortunate to have held a number of positions throughout his career – initially the Royal Australian Infantry and later, the Australian Army Catering Corps.

“Highlights in my military career were spending time at the Royal Military College in the ACT, which is a respected training establishment pre-dating World War I.

“Another memorable time was spent as a Defence Recruiter for two years where I assisted and guided potential new recruits to the ADF, which also allowed me to work in a tri-service environment incorporating the Royal Australian Air Force, Royal Australian Navy and the Australian Army.”

Jim was a sergeant when he deployed to East Timor-Leste with the 3rd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment.

“This experience was another highlight for me and a reminder, even at the time, of how lucky we are to live in Australia and all the opportunities we have available, which sadly many people around the world still don’t have access to today.

“It was a privilege to serve my country and contribute to the freedoms we share today, which is why it is important to pay tribute to all the servicemen and women who served to protect their country and for the heartache that so many suffered.”