Targeted search at Numinbah uncovers drugs

A targeted search of Numinbah Correctional Centre last week located a significant quantity of dangerous drugs and paraphernalia.

Deputy General Manager, Julie Steinheuer ACM said that stopping the drugs from being circulated into the prison has prevented a significant risk to staff and prisoner safety.

“As part of the Centre’s Operational Search Plan, the search was custodial officer initiated and led and uncovered and prevented dangerous drugs and implements from entering the centre, Superintendent Steinheuer said.

“Officers conducted the targeted search along the perimeter of the NCC early last week as part of our consistent surveillance and monitoring.

“As a result of the search, a quantity of methamphetamines, methadone and tobacco was located as well as lighters and pipes.

“The introduction of drugs into our centres puts the safety of our officers, prisoners and visitors at serious risk.

“There is a very good reason that we control the environment inside our centres, they need to be safe for our officers and anyone else at the centre.

“We have a zero tolerance approach to the introduction of contraband into Numinbah Correctional Centre and there are serious consequences if you are caught. It is not worth the risk.

“I want to thank all our officers for their hard work and vigilance. Their efforts to detect and keep this contraband out of our centre will help keep us all safer.

“Taking or attempting to take a prohibited item into a corrective services facility is a criminal offence with a penalty of up to two years’ imprisonment.

In addition, introducing dangerous drugs into correctional centres is classified as “aggravated supply” under the Drugs Misuse Act 1986, with a penalty of up to 25 years’ imprisonment,” Supt Steinheuer said.

Prisoners identified as having involvement in the introduction of contraband are disciplined and may have their contact visits revoked or have their placement in low Custody reviewed. This may also have an impact on Parole applications.

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