Townsville Long Service And Good Conduct Medals Photo 10may22

TCC marks 358 years of service by officers

North Queensland’s most experienced correctional officers have been honoured at a medal presentation ceremony at Townsville Correctional Complex.

Queensland Corrective Services Deputy Commissioner Gary McCahon presented Long Service and Good Conduct Medals during a visit to the complex.

“It is wonderful to be here to acknowledge, recognise and thank our correctional officers for their significant contribution and service,” Deputy Commissioner McCahon said.

“The presentation of medals celebrates some 358 years of combined service by 14 Queensland Corrective Services officers.

“This is an extraordinary achievement and an outstanding record of working to keep the community of North Queensland safe.

“Correctional officers make public safety the priority every day, striving to ensure prisoners and offenders are less likely to return to crime and every interaction they have is an opportunity to address offending behaviour.”

Deputy Commissioner McCahon, who himself commenced his correctional career at Townsville Correctional Complex 38 years ago, also inspected the High Security Men’s and Women’s centres, and low security facilities during the visit to Townsville.

Queensland Corrective Services is actively recruiting for additional new custodial correctional officers to fill positions in North Queensland, with an assessment centre planned in Townsville on May 17 and 18.

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