Townsville Correctional Complex review released

Queensland Corrective Services (QCS) today released the outcomes of an independent review into the Townsville Correctional Complex.

Commissioner Peter Martin APM today travelled to Townsville to speak personally to the officers at the Townsville Correctional Complex about the conclusions and recommendations of the report, which was commissioned in February.

Commissioner Martin said that the independent report, conducted by Fahl ER, provided officers the opportunity to raise issues or concerns about the operation of the complex.

“I was pleased to hear that 79 officers took up the opportunity to participate in an interview, with a strong focus on the health and wellbeing of the staffing group and the prisoners in their care,” Commissioner Martin said.

“The Townsville Correctional Centre has experienced a number of workplace cultural issues, some of which have extended over years or even decades. This review provides us with a unique opportunity to hear the concerns of staff, call out the issues, and address them going forward.

“The review is an opportunity to draw a line under historical issues and move forward with a clear plan for addressing these and building a healthy, safe and productive work culture.

“I would like to thank all of the officers who took the time to participate in the interviews which informed the report, and I want to say very clearly to them – you have been heard.

“The review identified a range of matters including those that go to the heart of effective leadership, allegations of bullying and poor conduct, ineffective complaint management, perceived lack of transparency and unfair decision-making, as well as a lack of clarity around lines of responsibility and roles.

“Queensland Corrective Services is already working on strategies to support the current General Manager, A/Chief Superintendent Louise Kneeshaw, as she and her leadership team forge a way forward in addressing these issues.

“A/Chief Supt Kneeshaw has done a remarkable job since she agreed to step into the role of General Manager in late January, and I am heartened that many of the changes she has already implemented are addressing some of the issues outlined in the review.

“As an agency, our immediate focus is on ensuring that Townsville Correctional Complex has a settled senior management team who have the skills and experience to drive the implementation of the recommendations of the review, and ensuring we provide centralised support to their efforts.

“This is a unique opportunity for Townsville Correctional Complex to address issues that have been years, and in some instance decades in the making and make meaningful improvements to improve the workplace culture,” Commissioner Martin said.

The summary of the review, its findings and recommendations can be found at here

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