Vale GP Dog Aussy

Vale GP Dog Aussy
It is with sadness that we report the passing of Corrections Dog Aussy after a short illness.
Aussy was a five-year-old German Shepherd who came from a long line of corrections dogs specifically bred for the traits that make them so valuable in prison settings.
Aussy started his working life in October 2016, and served at Woodford Correctional Centre with his handler Shannon.
Shannon said that Aussy loved his work keeping our officers safe in the high tempo environment of Woodford.
“Aussy always relished the opportunity assist staff as a force multiplier to ensure the safety and security of the centre,” Shannon said.
Corrective service dogs are specifically trained to assist correctional staff and other law-enforcement personnel.
Correctional Officers need to be a special type of person, and Corrective Service dogs must also be a special type of dog.
After a short battle with Acute Lymphocytic Leukaemia, Aussy’s health deteriorated and it was with great sorrow that the decision was made to put Aussy to rest.
He passed away peacefully in Shannon’s arms after four years of dedicated service to the Queensland Corrective Services.
Our thoughts go out to Shannon, his family and colleagues at this sad time.
Rest in Peace GP Aussy.

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