50 Days of Grey(hound) – Happy Howl-idays!

Long time, no bark!

Your furry friend Liam here with another journal entry.

This week I got into the spirit of Christmas and helped decorate the prison’s office Christmas tree.

Despite getting the urge, apparently a good pet doesn’t mark his territory on these types of trees, they are for decoration only. I was a good boy and didn’t do anything I shouldn’t have.

I was helping decorate the tree with these bright coloured balls called baubles but it was much more fun to throw them in the air and chase them around the floor!

Liam helping decorate the Christmas tree.

I faced a big challenge this week – walking up the towering staircase. It looked scary and I wasn’t too keen to attempt to walk up it. However, I had my handler there to help me learn how to walk up the stairs – he is so good to me!

I may have also had some help from a good friend of mine – cheese (my all-time favourite food). I could do a zoomie right now in excitement of getting more cheese! My handler put pieces of cheese on each stair and for every step I took on my way to the top, I got rewarded with cheese. Going down the stairs was much easier though but there was no more cheese because I had already eaten it.

Liam learning to walk up stairs.

My handler was very patient with me and now I feel like Super-dog!

You might remember how last week I was telling you about how my handler was telling his kids about me, well this week I got to meet his family!

I was on my lead in my play area and I got lots of pats! They were impressed with how much I had learnt already too!

I think they were also happy with how much my handler has learnt – we help teach each other lots.

All these dog skills I am learning must be paw-sitive because I sniffed out that I might just be nearly ready to go to my fur-ever home and that a date might not be too far around the corner…

If I do get to go to my new home, I might just go mutts with excitement (yep, I said it.). Stay tuned!

Pawprints and cold noses,



Editor’s note: You can see Liam’s first journal entry at https://corrections.qld.gov.au/50-days-of-greyhound/ and his play date entry at https://corrections.qld.gov.au/50-days-of-greyhound-play-date/

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