Maryborough Correctional Centre celebrates 20th anniversary

  • Maryborough Correctional Centre turns 20
  • The correctional centre was commissioned on 16 April 2003
  • Officers recognised with Meritorious and Ethical Service Medals, Long Service & Good Conduct Medals and National Medals

Maryborough Correctional Centre has celebrated its 20th Anniversary with an event at the facility on 14 April 2023.

The celebration recognised several current and past serving officers and their service to the centre and Queenslanders since 2003.

About 300 staff work at the correctional centre.

Representing Minister for Police and Corrective Services, Mark Ryan, Maryborough MP Bruce Saunders made a special presentation to mark the occasion.

Quotes attributable to Member for Maryborough Bruce Saunders:

“Congratulations Maryborough Correctional Centre on reaching this significant milestone.

“Officers from Queensland Correctives Services are often-unsung heroes of public safety and the work they do, to ensure prisoners and offenders are less likely to return to crime, is highly regarded by the community.

“The correctional centre has played an important role in not only rehabilitating prisoners but also supporting the community and emergency services particularly during the storm season. I want to thank the facility and its staff for all their efforts in keeping Maryborough and its surrounds safe.”

Quotes attributable to Minister for Police and Corrective Services and Fire and Emergency Services Mark Ryan:

“I want to pay my sincere respects to all of the Correctional staff who work at the Maryborough Correctional Centre today, and all those who have worked here in the past.

“The work these officers do is on the front line of community safety.

“They manage a cohort of extremely challenging and complex people within the centre, and it is demanding work.

“I thank all of the officers past and present for their exceptional commitment to keeping their fellow Queenslanders safe.”

Quotes attributable to Fraser Coast Regional Council Mayor George Seymour:

“For two decades the Maryborough Correctional Centre has been an important part of our community. On behalf of the Fraser Coast community, I thank the correctional officers for the work they do to help make our society safer and help people to rehabilitate people.

“The assistance we have received from the Maryborough Correctional Centre in times of disaster has been extremely beneficial.”

Quotes attributable to Paul Stewart APM, Commissioner, Custodial Operations, QCS:

“I want to thank all current and past officers at Maryborough Correctional Centre for their commitment and service to Queensland Corrective Services and its community.

“Working in corrections is tough but it’s also a rewarding career. Each day our officers do a tremendous job working with prisoners, who are some of the most complex and challenging people, to reduce crime.

“All of our officers play a pertinent role to address offending behaviour and to improve the vocational and life skills of prisoners, assisting in their rehabilitation and reintegration back to the community.”

Quotes attributable to Maryborough Correctional Centre, Chief Superintendent Kris Winter, General Manager:

“Our correctional centre has played a significant role in the local community for a number of years.

“Over the past five years our correctional centre has helped the Wide Bay region to get ready for natural disasters with prisoners filling up sandbags, which have been used by Fraser Coast Regional Council to protect the Maryborough CBD during two significant flood events.

“By supporting our emergency services like this, the prisoners are learning valuable work and life skills to help them avoid further offending when they’re back in the community.”

Quotes attributable to Maryborough Correctional Centre, Accommodation Manager, Paul: 

I commenced my training as a Custodial Correctional Officer (CCO) in January 2003 and was posted to Maryborough Correctional Centre in April 2003.

“I first started my career as a CCO and then worked as a Tactical Response Officer (Team Leader) for six years before doing a short stint with Sentence Management, which was interesting.

“I was a Custodial Supervisor for about 12 years before being appointed as Accommodation Manager. Prior to working as the centre’s Accommodation Manager, I was the Acting Industries Manager and had the chance to be Correctional Manager, Offender Development.

“I really enjoy working with staff in my current role, where I manage the correctional centre’s secure and residential cell units, to improve safety and provide a service. I’ve had lots of support and so many opportunities to move into other areas within corrections and assist prisoners to rehabilitate, especially the ones that want to improve their lives.”

Explainer/fast fact and or further information:

  • Maryborough Correctional Centre was commissioned on 16 April 2003
  • In March 2003, more than 10,000 people got a rare glimpse inside Maryborough Correctional Centre and walked through the visits area, secure and residential accommodation blocks and the education building as part of a special Open Day event.
  • Prisoners at the Maryborough Correctional Centre support the Fraser Coast Regional Council each year by producing sandbags in readiness for storm season. Over 6000 sandbags have been filled and provided to the Council to support SES activities when responding to major weather events.
  • For more information about Queensland Corrective Services and to find out how to join the top-tier public safety agency head to: Careers | Queensland Corrective Services (corrections.qld.gov.au).
  • The National Medal, introduced in 1975, is Australia’s most awarded civilian medal.
  • The medal recognises long and diligent service by members of recognised government and voluntary organisations who risk their lives to protect or assist the community in enforcement of the law or in times of emergency or natural disaster.
  • The Meritorious & Ethical Service Medal is a prestigious QCS award presented to those who have consistently carried out their official functions to a standard that exceeds community expectations. Recipients are recognised for their honesty, ethical and professional conduct.