Visits are back!

We appreciate how challenging it has been for you and your loved ones not having face-to-face visits while we managed the COVID-19 outbreaks in our centres.

The number of COVID-19 cases in our centres has fallen from a high of 518 on January 17 to 67 cases today. To date we have had no prisoners fall seriously ill as a result of COVID-19.

As COVID-19 cases in our prisons appear to have passed their peak we are able to carefully move towards returning the daily operations of correctional centres to a more normal routine.

This includes reintroducing personal visits, starting next week, the week of February 28.

Visitor booking lines are operating as normal this week so you can book your visit.

Remember that all visitors over the age of 16 will need to provide proof that they are fully vaccinated in order to visit Queensland Correctional Centres, and social distancing and mask wearing continue to be enforced to keep everyone safe.

You can find how to provide proof of vaccination here.

Virtual Personal Visits continue to be available.

We will continue to monitor the situation in centres very closely, and will respond as necessary should there be further significant outbreaks.

We thank you for your patience, and we look forward to welcoming visitors back to our centres next week.